Tom Callahan - Owner 


Gary Gleason Gary Gleason - Service Manager - 31 Years Automotive Repair Experience (20 Years Technician and 11 Years Service Manager)

Specialties - Managing repair area personnel, procuring parts, developing repair estimates, receiving customer approval prior to performing repairs, and Ensuring Quality Repairs at a Fair Price
 Connie Callahan


Connie Callahan - Office Manager - 22 Years Office Management Experience

Specialties - Employee benefits, Local State and Federal Taxes, corporate loss control, managing corporate finances with revenues that exceed $900,000 annually, and managing office staff



Jordan Callahan - Office Assistant - 5 Years Office Experience

Specialties - Telephone receptionist, typing invoices, processing payments, corporate accounts payable/receivable, payroll, preparing and making daily bank deposits, performing customer telephone call backs to ensure customer satisfaction with repairs performed, website/Facebook maintenance/updates



Linda Hillman - Parts Expediter - 15 Years Automotive Parts Procurement 

Responsibilities - Obtaining parts costs from multiple suppliers to ensure highest quality at best cost to our Customers

 Clay Taylor


Clay Taylor - Shop Leadperson - 33 Years Automotive Repair Experience

Specialties - Fleet Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, Brakes, Engine Cooling Systems, Gas and Diesel Diagnostics, Suspension Systems and Engine performance

 Dennis Craig


Dennis Craig - Technician - 24 Years Automotive Repair Experience

Specialties - Foreign Gas Engine Diagnostic and Performance, Suspension Systems, Engine Cooling Systems and Air Conditioner / Heating Systems

 Dallas Saxwold


Tim Lambert - Technician - 22 Years Automotive Repair Experience

Specialties - Suspension, Brakes, Transmission Service and Repair, Belts, Hoses, Radiators, Water Pumps, and Prepurchase Inspections


Lane Arnold - Technician - 3 Years Automotive Repair Experience


Specialties - Tires, Brakes, Suspension, and Engine Cooling System




Josh Bradley - Service Writer - 1 Year Service Writer Experience

Specialties - Greeting Customers and Recording Customer Vehicle Issues to Repair Order, Preparation of Customer Estimates for Approval, Assist in Ordering Parts and Parts Delivery, Transports customers